STREETBIKES COAST2COAST Rides All Southern California

Riding All of Southern California can be a very daunting, exciting, or extremely overwhelming task, depending on your makeup. For us, it was pretty damn exciting.

We experienced everything from street tacos, and entertainers, beautiful beaches, magnificent mountains, nonstop city nights, awesome rides up the Pacific Coast and back, cruising Sunset, and Hollywood Blvd., I could go on and on, but the real reason I’m here today is to share with you our riding experiences on some of the fastest, coolest, finest roads in Southern California.

The journey began in the early ’70’s, haven driven these roads as a kid many times over, it was a true pleasure being able to finally hit these awesome roads on two wheels.

So, over the next for weeks, months and years, join us at #SBC2C as we will be sharing with you some of the best roads to travel, best places to eat, and great places to have pure fun, all on two wheels. So, like the page, and join the group to get instant updates as we begin this journey, sharing our awesome experiences from my food, and travel activities past and future. See also our Facebook page entitled, “The Fork & The Road”.

Local Los Angeles motorcycle enthusiast and many transplants who’ve since learned about these awesome roads have an affinity for, and are extremely spoiled with their mountain high, winding and twisting canyon roads.

Southern California is home to some of the most famous, and fabulous canyon roads in the world, from The Snake in the Malibu Canyons, to the Angeles Crest Highway that takes riders to Lancaster/Palmdale and the popular Willow Springs Raceway. These famous roads have always been an attraction to many motorist which creates a problem with many Highway Patrol. Bikers, and the all so creeping Sunday drivers, all show up in droves, so If you would like to hit these canyons and test the skills and performance of your supped up car or heavily modified streetbike, join STREETBIKES COAST2COAST and let’s hit the canyons together.

If you can’t make ir eotb us, don’t worry, all you need is a friend who frequents these canyon roads, and are able to share with you places like the Santa Monica Mountains near Malibu which are home to a slew of underrated and obscure driving roads that make the other more popular roads like The Snake look like your average freeway. Join us weekly for a more in-dept look at these roads traveled as we

share with you photos and videos of these exciting roads.