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SBC2C – Three Twisted Sisters Ride 2020

Streetbikes Coast2Coast, and it’s many riders may be aware of the numerous motorcycle destinations throughout the United States which are seemingly created for the perfect motorcycling experience. These creme’ de’ la creme of adrenaline filled thrills and excitement, with breath taking views as well, with mountain sides, beautiful landscapes, and rolling valleys, all of which makes the riding experience even more memorable for a lifetime.

We are surprised at the number of people from the region thatbare still not aware of the Three Twisted Sisters. If you are a member of the Streetbikes Coast2Coast riding community, then you know that one of the many epic riding experiences is the famed Three Twisted Sisters motorcycle ride in Hill Country, Leakey Texas.

First Stop… Los Maples General Store, Vanderpool, TX.

This landscape was populated by Comanche and Apache Indians and stirs up images of the old West made popular in the movies.

Also known as Three Sisters, this route is comprised of three of Texas FM Ranch Roads 335, 336 and 337 which are known for it’s scenic views, twisting, winding and challenging turns, making it one of the best motorcycle runs in the country.

The Twisted Sisters Motorcycle Ride Overview:

  • Distance: 100 miles
  • Difficulty level: Experienced
  • Amenities: Beginning and near end of route
  • Fuel availability: Beginning and near end of route

The Three Twisted Sisters is a very challenging ride, and is not for the novice. If asked, many experienced riders will recommend that newbies stay away from this run all together until they have a little more time in the saddle, or ride it with a more experienced rider at a casual pace many times before attempting to have some fun. These roads include steep climbs with high speed sweeps and bends that can be very unpredictable even after you get the hang of it. New riders are encouraged to dialed in at every moment, taking notice of the speed limits along the way… they are NOT to be ignored.

Twisted Sisters Motorcycle Ride Map

Familiarize yourself with your planned route prior to setting out on your ride. Once past Leakey there are few gas stations until you complete the loop and reach Camp Wood.

Road Conditions and Terrain

Ranch Road 337

Your Twisted Sisters motorcycle ride covers a total distance of 100 plus miles. You can begin your ride at the Frio Canyon Motorcycle Stop in Leaky or further East in Medina.

Technical portions abound along RR 337 between Medina and Leakey.  There are stretches of long, lazy twists that resolve into switchbacks as you head West.  Beware: it is easy to be lulled by these easier stretches of road until the hairpins rear up and bite.


Ranch Road 336

Out of Leaky, start North on Ranch Road 336 towards the Real County Airport. You will be met with sweeping vistas and 2400 foot (489 meter) rock faces in some of these areas.

Ranch Road 336 runs parallel to the Frio River and offers glimpses of windswept Mesquite and old Cedar trees, sagebrush, sun and water. From the beginning you will feel this is a ride of a lifetime.


Though not as technical as other portions of the Sisters, riders need to be on the lookout for numerous cattle guards throughout this portion of the route.

The Twisted Sisters route RR336 runs along the beautiful Frio river

The 336 runs through cattle country and in Texas, free range—meaning no fences—is the norm. Livestock freely cross roads throughout this South Texas Plains landscape. Watch for cattle guards in these areas of about six feet in width. The rattle driving over these metal rails can, for first time Sisters riders, be a little unnerving in the beginning. Adjust your speed and take them straight on.

Cattle guards dot the Texas landscape.  This area is free range so watch for cattle and other critters along the ride.

Lodging Along the Twisted Sisters

There are amenities along the route of the Three Sisters. Most of these are found the beginning (or end) of the route. There are ample places to camp and lodging available in these areas. Study your route and take notes of some attractions along the way. These stops give you a break and allow you to enjoy some great Texas hospitality.

The farm offers rental homes and cabins. The Frio River and its properties run along the edge of the Pecan orchards, offering a tranquil escape after an exciting day of riding.

Places to Eat

Keese’s Bar-B-Que
13869 TX-16
Medina, TX 78055

The Chuck Wagon
Hwy 16
Medina, TX 78055

Bent Rim Grill
657 Ranch Rd 337 W
Leakey, TX 78873

A biker-themed restaurant next to the Frio Canyon Motorcycle Stop. The Bent Rim Grill offers burgers with biker-inspired names, like the “Indian Chief” and “Road King” to name a few.  Add some tots or chili-cheese fries to super charge your ride for the day.  The also offer breakfast. However, our favorite after the ride was the Bonzi!!


Lost Maples Winery
34986 Ranch Rd 187
Vanderpool, TX 78885

Located in Vanderpool is the Lost Maples Winery. Their tasting room is open Wednesday through Sunday. Check out their website for operating hours.

Lone Star Motorcycle Museum
36517 Ranch Rd 187
Vanderpool, TX 78885

Vanderpool sits between Medina and Leakey on the 337. One of the unique attractions along the Sisters is the Lone Star Motorcycle Museum. The museum showcases old bikes and deserves a stop if you are a vintage motorcycle fan.

Started by Aussie Allan Johncock who landed in Texas in the ’60s, the museum originally was a place to store John’s tools and motorcycles for renovation.  Now with over 60 motorcycles on display, the museum has become a “must see” destination for anyone riding the Sisters.

You can also drop by the Frio Canyon Motorcycle Stop. For many bikers, this is considered an obligatory pit stop when riding the Sisters. Find biker memorabilia and Twisted Sisters branded merchandise or have an Angus burger at the Bent Rim Grill. The Frio Canyon Motorcycle Stop is open seven days a week.

One for the Bucket List

Experience it all from Texas-style ranches with free-roaming animals to clear rivers with no one in sight, this ride is a feast for the eyes. There are plenty lakes, mountains, and parks, all provide you with the perfect opportunity to appreciate the glorious Texas landscape. But don’t get so caught up into the views, remember, these corners are treacherous. Some riders might initially think that Texas is flat and boring. After riding along the Twisted Sisters path, you will definitely leave with a different thought of mind.

SO!! What are you waiting for? Join Us at StreetBikes Coast2Coast, where we ride and experience a multitude of rides throughout the year. If none of the rides mentioned here dose not get those adrenaline glands pumping, visit our Blog, or Facebook page and watch the videos, and view the pics, and lastly, pic a date, and ride with us to experience it for yourself! Ride The Three Twisted Sisters with us Sept 12, 2020 to gain a new appreciation of the Texas hill country, and possibly agree with others who consider the Twisted Sisters one of the best rides in the country.

Plan your next destination ride with us. We have several dates left in 2020 which include, The Three Twisted Sisters, The Eureka Springs/Pig Trail Ride Arkansas, both in September, The Colorado Canyon Ride October, and the ultimate SoCal, PCH & Canyon Ride 2020 in November, and future rides in 2021, and other rides we’ve had in the past such as the Blue Ride Mountain Parkway or famous Dragon’s Tail motorcycle ride which we just completed on August 21-24. You can find details on these, and future rides by visiting our Facebook page @streetbikesc2c, Instagram @Streetbikes_C2C or

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