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Scrambled Eggs on the Road

Eggs aren’t hard to make, so why are there soooo many restaurants that don’t seem to know how to make them, or don’t care how the cook prepares them to?

To make Fluffy Moist Scrambled Eggs – There is a method for cooking fluffy, moist, flavorful and evenly cooked eggs without flat discolored lace.

So, what does this have to do with STREETBIKES COAST2COAST? or the Bike Life? TRAVEL!! Yes when we travel we eat, and eating is a hugh part of our experience. That experience is also a part of our food and travel page, “THE FORK & THE ROAD”. Follow us there on FB as well.

Overhead shot of scrambled eggs on two plates garnished with fresh parsley, fork, wooden cutting board with eggs and egg shells on the side.

You would think that everybody knows how to scramble eggs, but that is not necessarily true. Anybody may be able to scramble eggs, but making hot, fluffy, moist, and colorful scrambled eggs is somewhat of an art form. It takes pride,, and patience. I truly hate when I am served overcooked, rubbery, flat, browned, or eggs with lace. So many diners and cafe’s serve them this way, and I don’t know if it is the cook who doesn’t know how, or the procedures they were thought, which prompts us to avoid places were have not been, and definitely not return to those who seem to not care.

Making eggs is nothing to brag about, but given the recent number of poorly prepared breakfast dishes we’ve had over the past three road trips, Iwe felt it needed to be addressed, even if only to remind ourselves where NOT to eat on future trips. I’ve been told on more than one occasion that I make some of the best scrambled eggs ever. While no suprise to me, I greatly appreciate those accolades. This clearly shows how easy most of these restaurants become complacent when it comes to making eggs the proper way. And it doesn’t help that the customers do not complain and this whole issue goes unnoticed, and or corrected. I’ve been scrambling eggs since junior high school where I first learned how to scramble from the outside in. This is a simple tip, I learned while working in the restaurant industry where I developed a foolproof method for a hot, fluffy, moist, colorful scrambled eggs every time. We eat scrambled eggs every morning for breakfast on our road trips whether I am the cook, at an AirBnB, or at a local breakfast joint, so I’ve had plenty time to refine the technique, and I’m excited to share with you How to Make Scrambled Eggs.

If you want to know how to make the best eggs in detail, as well as the names of these locations to avoid, you can checkout the reviews at: “THE FORK & THE ROAD”

Here are some very basic tips for awesome fluffy, moist, and tasty scrambled eggs.

  • The bowl and whisk technique. Trust me, the fork and bowl has never produced a very fluffy egg. Whisking provides for a good mix of the whites and yolk to the scramble, but more importantly, it adds air which helps to make them fluffy when cooked. You An aggressive stroke to the want to whisk ensures your eggs come out light, foamy, airy, and uniform in color.
  • The flavor in fat. Whisk inwhole milk, half-n-half, cream, or even mayonnaise if you’re looking for a very creamy body, and deep flavor. Make sure you coat the bottom of the pan with butter to aide in moving around without sticking.
  • Proper pan. A sturdy nonstick pan is ideal. But a cheap pan can work as long as it’s nonstick which is key because the eggs will glide easily without sticking.
  • Use a rubber spatula. A rubber spatula is flexible allowing you to move the eggs around the pan making sure all the eggs touch the skillet, and cook evenly.
  • Proper heat. Start over medium heat to melt the butter until foamy, reducing the heat once you add the eggs. If your pan is too hot, the eggs will cook too fast and brown, and dry out creating what’s called “lace” around the outer edges, but if the heat is too low, they will not cook. Having patience to cook gentle and slow is the best way create an eye pleasing, moist, fluffy, scrumptious scrambled egg.

So! There’s my rant for Streetbikes and eggs!! And we hope you join us on one of our rides, especially one where I personally provide breakfast for the crew. Then you can judge for yourself. Until then, enjoy life, the food, Have Fun, ride safe, and “Ride with Passion” with @streetbikesc2c

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