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Not Done Riding? Extend Your 2020 Riding Season

Extending Your 2020 Riding Season

Across the country it has already started getting cold, and many riders are prepping their bikes with CTEK12 trickle chargers, and STA-BIL for the winter to be stored away until the burst of spring. Well, NOT US!! If you’re still trying to get in a few more routes out of the 2020 riding season, join us, the riders with STREETBIKES COAST2COAST! December 16th-18th as we travel West to California where the temps are still in the 60’s & 70’s to enjoy either the Malibu Canyons, Santa Monica Beach, or the 655 miles of Pacific Coast Highway. There are a few other ways you can extend your riding season as well. We have reveal a few tips below, join us @SBC2C, FB | IG | TWTR.

Hope on your bike to enjoy the scene, and feel the wind rush through your hair/helmet, and enjoy a fantastic time on the open road of the scenic California Pacific Coast Highway. One of the most stunning states in the country for motorcycle riding, so strap up, and head out! 

Head South for the Winter

Another way to extend your riding season is to head South. The winter weather is much milder there, and the highways of the Southern Pacific Route will expose the curious rider to more cultural and geographic diversity than any other cross-country route in America. Riding to either of the East or West Coast destinations like Miami Beach to Key West or San Diego to San Francisco will warm your heart, and your bones, being able to ride in total comfort without worrying about it being too cold or wet for most of the ride if at all.

The Southernmost Point Landmark in Key West, FL.

Grab Your Gear

When temps start to fall, it is time to layer up!! Grabbing the right gear is essential to awesome winter riding. Always begin with very thin warm layers, and or compression base-layers of leggings, as well as long sleeve shirt and thick socks for keeping your feet warm and dry. To keep from getting too bulky, you may want to add a heated under garment over your base-layer to help you stay warm. Finally, do not forget about your neck. This is a very critical part that usually gets overlooked where a lot of cold air can sneak in. A neck gaiter and a snug full-face helmet keeps you insulated from head to toe.

From the helmet and top layers to toasty heated base layers, these are some of the essentials you’ll want when you ride through the coldest months of the year. Portland Press Herald Getty Images


Your bike is your bike, and unless you have a plethora of bikes to choose from in your garage, then you roll with what you have… unless you are renting. One good thing about renting is being able to choose a bike that suit your ride. Obviously any bike with a windshield or fairings is great for cold winter riding, but if you are rolling with what you have, then taking all the precautions you can to help deflect the cold air around you such as wind guards for your hands, or heated hand grips to make the cold windy ride more comfortable. Most touring bikes have large windshields to protect you from the cold air out on the open road, but layers are just as important.

This ride started in the rain, then the hot steaming sun, then the blistering cold. You have what you have, just be prepared to weather the ride. #SBC2C 2020

Be Cautious

Although the Southern Pacific Route is much warmer, it is possible to encounter snow and ice around New Mexico at times. Be sure to be vigilant for winter road hazards like salt, snow, potholes, and black ice which can be very dangers on the roadways during the winter months. Be sure to maintain a greater riding distance for reaction time in case of potential hazards on the road.

Roads with a View

If you have been a fair-weather rider, or accustomed to canyon chasing, then this is the perfect opportunity to slow down and enjoy the beautiful scenery. As a canyon chaser, rushing through the mountains at speeds not to be mentioned, then chances are you have missed the many sights to be seen, so now is the time to take your time, and explore. Cold weather is tricky, it can be hard to realize how cold you’re getting while riding. Take frequent breaks for coffee, to check in with friends, warm up, and drink plenty of water. If it looks like it could be getting bad on your route, make sure you stay tuned, and avoid routes where there is a possibility you could get lost or stuck.

“Missing Link” Sky Bridge, along Foothills Parkway Completed After Decades-Long Wait.
Photo Credit: “TheRider Fred” STREETBIKES COAST2COAST September 2020

Riders with STREETBIKES COAST2COAST have traveled in some very cold weather, but we are mostly Canyon Riders, and anything below 50 degrees is probably NOT the best conditions for us. But we will attempt to ride as long as we can, and this could possibly put us in a place where we have to be prepared to ride part of the day in 60-70 degree temps, while returning to the hotel in 30-40 degree temps. And YES! it has happened twice, once in Colorado, and again in Arizona.

SOOOO!! If you are truly looking to extend your riding season this year, or any year. Check out our rides, and events tab on Facebook at @SBC2C to see all our exciting, and adventurous rides across the U.S. and maybe find your dream riding destination with us. Whether you have always dreamed of riding the many Canyon roads in the Rocky Mountains, the Appalachian  the U.S. has to offer you’re just getting away for the weekend, escaping the winter weather to the Southern U.S. or enjoying the beautiful fall colors further North, we have the perfect route, and journey for you.

STREETBIKES COAST2COAST (SBC2C) is a riding community dedicated to a day in the life of Street Bike Riders discovering and enjoying fast, fun roads, great food, rides and events from Coast to Coast

There are rides, and there are STREETBIKES COAST2COAST rides – you’ll know the difference. We create spectacular annual motorcycle trips every year. We travel with a fraternity of great Brothers and Sisters who are professional, and responsible with both their personal lives, and their bikes creating a comradery that is hard to find in any other riding community. We find and explore the best motorcycle roads and routes, because we know that great people, and great roads lead to great rides!

As always.. “Have Fun, Ride Fast, Be Safe, and Ride with Passion”!!

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