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Damon Motorcycle is one step closer to launching their Configurator! Registered account holders will now be able to edit the colour of their reserved HyperSport directly in their account. The future of motorcycling is here. Take a ride on a high performance, all-electric motorcycle equipped with award-winning technology.


Taking the HyperSport HS to the next level. The HyperSport Premier consists of a series of limited edition builds of our award winning HyperSport HS. Uniquely fashioned with top end components, sharper dynamics and a powerful design language, the HyperSport Premier amplifies the future of motorcyling.

HyperSport Premier – Midnight Sun
HyperSport Premier – Arctic Sun


The award winning HyperSport HS will soon be shipping and you can get your place in line right now. Colors, accessories, and options will be available for you to choose as your shipment date approaches.

Orders are already full for 2021, if you want in on delivery starting in 2022, don’t wait for the hottest electric vehicle on two wheels to pass you by.

“Gentlemen, a superbike fit for the Transformers universe has just arrived.”

— Robb Report
HyperSport HS comes in three distinctive colours – Damon Gold
Quantum Black and Titanium Grey


Race your own heartbeat. Feel euphoric on high-speed freeway conditions on a bike that has pushed the envelope, and then some. The HyperSport SX gives you unconstrained freedom to explore the city and spaces beyond, powered by the assurance of outstanding performance, technology and safety. Feel Superhuman with the HyperSport SX.

HyperSport SX – Damon Gold


When you want exhilaration around city streets without the hassle of parking, the HyperSport SE is the ultimate sport-commuter. Whether it’s a car replacement or a second vehicle, the SE comes standard with Shift™ and CoPilot™, ideal for safe, start-stop city traffic with no freeway compromise. Going to work has never been more exciting.

HyperSport SE – Quantum Black

200 MPH

The HyperSport can reach a blistering top speed of 200 miles per hour.

200 Horsepower

With 200 horses between your legs, the HyperSport can go from 0-60 mph in less than 3 seconds.

200 Mile Range

With a single charge, the HyperSport can give you a 200+ mile range within a combined city and highway mix.


Which HyperSport is right for you?

Learn more about Damon Motorcycles

Want to see all of the available colours? Go to, and choose your colour.

Reserve yours now. Quantities are limited.

Simply log in and click “Manage” to get started.

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