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“Stunting” On The Oakland Bay Bridge

Nearly 100 motorcyclists in stunt 'sideshow' bring traffic to halt on SF-Oakland Bay Bridge: Nearly 100 Motorcyclists Shut Down SF-Oakland Bay Bridge in SideshowSan Francisco, CA – Nearly 100 motorcyclists shut down the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge on Saturday afternoon, performing stunts and blocking traffic.The incident occurred around 5 p.m. on the westbound upper deck… Continue reading “Stunting” On The Oakland Bay Bridge

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Take a peek at where the motorcycles of the future are being built Watch our COO and Co-Founder, Dom Kwong (real friends call him Dom), give a tour around Bridgeview - our 110,00 sq. ft manufacturing plant in Surrey, British Columbia: This state-of-the-art, cleantech facility is set to be completed by the end of… Continue reading DAMON MOTORCYCLES

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Morocco, back to the beginning and arriving from Spain.

Maaannn, my day is coming!! Fred TheRider & Co. can’t wait to hit the road

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It’s a quick ferry ride from Tarifa to Tanger and a long trek through customs into Morocco.

Many stories proceed a trip to Morocco- tourist touts, poor roads, mad drivers mint tea and the physical beauty of the country.

Tanger being the sea gateway to Morocco one both arrives and departs from Tager. So maybe coming in and out of Tanger is a good time to compare my cautious and naive thoughts on entering Morocco and the utter thankfulness that I had had a month travelling in Morocco ( I could have spent 3).

So after some sickingly sweet mint tea, some haggling with money changers and a very greasy omelette it was into the seemingly crazy traffic and on the road to Tetuan.

Coming up the the Atlantic Coast back to Tanger and the Ferry back to Spain. Asilah is one of the first towns in Tanger province with…

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