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“Stunting” On The Oakland Bay Bridge

Nearly 100 motorcyclists in stunt 'sideshow' bring traffic to halt on SF-Oakland Bay Bridge: Nearly 100 Motorcyclists Shut Down SF-Oakland Bay Bridge in SideshowSan Francisco, CA – Nearly 100 motorcyclists shut down the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge on Saturday afternoon, performing stunts and blocking traffic.The incident occurred around 5 p.m. on the westbound upper deck… Continue reading “Stunting” On The Oakland Bay Bridge

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Take a peek at where the motorcycles of the future are being built Watch our COO and Co-Founder, Dom Kwong (real friends call him Dom), give a tour around Bridgeview - our 110,00 sq. ft manufacturing plant in Surrey, British Columbia: This state-of-the-art, cleantech facility is set to be completed by the end of… Continue reading DAMON MOTORCYCLES

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California Targets Loud Exhaust with Sound-Activated Camera Enforcement

Six California cities will take part in the automated enforcement pilot program aimed at curbing noise pollution.BY EMMET WHITE MAY 5, 2022 Well known for stringent emissions and modification regulations, the California State Legislature has approved a five-year automated enforcement pilot program targeting loud exhaust from cars. If signed by California Governor Gavin Newsom, the camera-enforcement program will begin… Continue reading California Targets Loud Exhaust with Sound-Activated Camera Enforcement