Oklahoma’s version of stop and frisk has been stopped

As a follow up from a previous post regarding House Bill 3359, we are glad to announce that HB 3359 is DEAD!! A report by Oklahoma City (KOKH) David Wheaton reported Sunday, February 16th 2020 states that Oklahoma’s version of stop and frisk has been stopped.

Oklahoma’s version of stop and frisk has been stopped

“Oklahoma City (KOKH)–House Bill 3359 which was authored by Rep. David Smith R-Mcalester would have given police officers the power to stop and question people if they had reasonable suspicion they have committed a crime. The bill had made its way through the Judiciary Committee however was killed by house Majority Leader Jon Echols. If the bill had become law it would allowed law enforcement to stop, question and ask for identification of a person who they believed committed or were about to commit a crime. If the officer did not find the persons information acceptable they could be detained.

According to information obtained by Fox 25’s Connor Hansen there were some members who felt strongly that this bill was not something we should have in Oklahoma.”


A spokesperson from #SBC2C states that there were also many members of the Oklahoma City community, as well as many local motorcycle groups who were vehemently opposed to this bill as well.

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