State of Emergency Declared, and Nationwide Lock Down is looming Due to COVID-19

by FunTimes@BadTimes


According to city officials coast to coast, a state of emergency has been declared, and motorcycle groups everywhere feel a major ride-out is eminent Coast2Coast due to rising Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) concerns. Riders are looking to head for the hills until this all blows over.

The emergency was announced Sunday evening March 15, 2020 after Streetbike Meetups, and press conferences held by City Mayors along with County health officials Coast2Coast. There are also rumors lurking about of a total lock down by Monday March 23, 2020.  


“Self quarantine, social distancing, limiting close personal contact, and maintaining perpetual motion is motorcycle riders only real tool of mitigation, and on the advice of public health officials, with confirmation of local spread, we feel that now is the time for all riders to head for the hills, mountains, back country, and canyon roads”. “We all agree collectively, and do not proclaim this state of emergency casually, we are fully aware of the gravity of the moment. But this is truly, more than ever, a time to protect family, friends, riders, our cities, and others coast2coast by practicing “Social Distancing”. Therefore, we are prepared to do our part by embarking on a major, simultaneous, countrywide, 52 state ride Coast2Coast in our perspective states, maintaining our distance while riding forever.

Gatherings of 50 or more is banned by city officials

The Mayors also announced a ban of gatherings of 50 bikes or more at city-related events, OnCue, Quickrip, Conoco, Buc-ee’s, or Bass Pro Shops (except near canyon areas). Since all bars, and restaurants are closed, this is the perfect opportunity for riders everywhere to get out of town before the full out 4 week mandatory lock down begins Monday March 23, 2020

Practicing Social Distancing!

It’s been suggested that over the next five (5) months, all riders should mount up, roll out, and head for the Hills. Riders must actively practice “social distancing” by maintaining a riding distance of at least three feet from other riders, wear coronavirus, infectious disease mask under your helmet, skin tight leathers to keep germs out (ATGATT) and actively practice “Social Distancing” maintaining distances of 6 feet while drinking beers at our mandatory gas and beer stops.

California Canyons, Angeles Crest

As a reminder, all Hill Country, Tail of The Dragon, Twisted Sisters, Twisted Rockies, The Arkansas Dragon Hwy 23, Angeles Crest, The Snake at Malibu, Hwy 666, and all other canyon ride event permits have been pre-approved thru August 2020.

Out-riding COVID-19… We can do this!!

There have been several reported cases of COVID-19 in many states, and they continue to rise. We believe riders should just get the hell out of town RIGHT NOW! and ride as fast as you can. It’s been confirmed that COVID-19 cannot keep up with motorcycles or Honda’s.

A few more tips to consider till this pandemic blows over:

AVOID CROWDS – Ride your motorcycle

KEEP SAFE DISTANCES – Ride your motorcycle


EXPOSE YOURSELF TO SUNSHINE – Ride your motorcycle

AVOID RECIRCULATING AIR – Ride your motorcycle

BOOST YOUR IMMUNITY – Ride your motorcycle

EXERCISE REGULARLY – Ride your motorcycle


WANNA GET OUT? Ride out… on your motorcycle

Sooo, there you have it! Now wash your hands, sanitize, and wear your P.P.E., A.T.G.A.T.T. enjoy the summer, and don’t come back until August. Even if it ends up only being a virtual adventure. Either way, post, and share those pics to the community, or group page @streetbikesc2c STREETBIKES COAST2COAST! and let’s beat the boredom!

As always, have fun, enjoy the food, & RIDE w/PASSION!!

PS: For those without a since of humor… Although the COVID19 Pandemic is real, we need to do all we can to help in this time of crisis, and obviously follow the advice of our elected, and health officials, but at the same time maintain our sanity with a little humor. HAVE FUN!

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