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“Stunting” On The Oakland Bay Bridge

Nearly 100 motorcyclists in stunt ‘sideshow’ bring traffic to halt on SF-Oakland Bay Bridge:

Nearly 100 Motorcyclists Shut Down SF-Oakland Bay Bridge in Sideshow

San Francisco, CA – Nearly 100 motorcyclists shut down the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge on Saturday afternoon, performing stunts and blocking traffic.

The incident occurred around 5 p.m. on the westbound upper deck of the bridge. Videos posted to social media show the motorcyclists popping wheelies, doing donuts, and riding recklessly in front of stopped traffic.

The California Highway Patrol (CHP) said that the sideshow lasted for about two minutes before the motorcyclists dispersed. No arrests were made and no injuries were reported.

The CHP is investigating the incident and is asking for the public’s help in identifying the motorcyclists involved.

“This type of behavior is dangerous and illegal,” said CHP Officer Andrew Barclay. “It puts not only the motorcyclists at risk, but also the drivers and passengers of other vehicles.”

Sideshows are a growing problem in the Bay Area. In recent months, there have been several reports of motorcyclists and other drivers performing stunts in public streets and highways.

The CHP is urging motorists to report any sideshows they see to law enforcement.

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