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Extending Your 2021 Riding Season

Extending Your 2021 Riding Season

Well, It’s that time again!! To ride or not to ride? Seriously, there is no need to winterize your bike! Unless you live in the far northern portion of the country where there is no chance of getting out for the next three months. The part of the country where the winter weather has already set in, and motorcycle riders have already prepped their bikes to be stored away for a several months or until spring when better weather permits. But! you CAN ride all-year-round if the roads in your area are clear from snow and ice in the winter and you have a set of high-quality heated gear designed to keep you warm and cozy in wintry weather conditions enough to get you to the Eastern shores, or Pacific Southwest.

Clear Roads = Smooth Sailing!! Extend the Season.. GEAR UP!!

You already know if you have ever tried to stay warm while riding that putting on extra layers of regular clothing, this method severely limits your movements, which could lead to a potential accident on the streets. These gloves, jacket and pants liners, socks, or insoles can be a bit restrictive.

However, having the use of energy-efficient, high-quality heated gear in your arsenal, can be a life-saver and help you stay warm as well as protected thanks to a thin layer of heating elements that become warm when drawing power directly from the electrical system of your motorcycle, or from a pack of rechargeable batteries in portable gear and can be used off the bike. This is especially great for long-distance rides.

So, if you’re not ready to relieve the road of your two-wheeled trek for the 2021 riding season just yet, there are absolutely a few ways you can extend your riding season outside of heated gear to squeeze out a few more trips for this year.

Proper Gear

First, and foremost, proper gear is always key when temps begin to take a dip. Be sure to layer up with the proper gear before hitting the road. Always begin with thin but warm base layers of leggings, long sleeve shirt such as “cool-out” and a pair of merino wool socks which are great for keeping your feet warm and dry. Now add a heated jacket over your base-layer to help you stay warm without adding bulk. I would suggest a wind-breaking type of undergarment if it’s not bulky. Now the most important part of keeping warm is making sure your neck is well covered. Use a neck gaiter with a well-fitting full-face helmet to mitigate the cold air that could sneak in through the open space around the head and neck. This should keep you well insulated from head to toe.

Destination: Pacific Southwest & Eastern Shores

The East Coast, and Southern border are the best way to extend your riding season. The southern borders from east to west are great destination for warmer riding weather, as well as The Southern Pacific, and up the coast as far as Oregon. The east, and the south are other great destination choices like Ft. Lauderdale, Miami Beach or Key West will allow you to ride comfortably all winter long without worrying about cold or wet weather. Creating a get-a-way from the snow during the winter months and exploring other exciting destinations you may not have in the warmer months to the Southern half of the country is a game changer.

Whatever your destination…. Enjoy The Ride!! #SBC2C OKC to L.A.

Screens Seats & Grips

Not a deal breaker if you don’t have them, or can’t get them, but it goes without saying that fairings, or a windscreen will help deflect cold air around you, as well as can protect you from flying debris, and other elements. If possible, heated seats, and hand grips will keep you smiling for miles on end, coast to coast, making your ride a more comfortable, and enjoyable.

Riding Smart

SBC2C smashing incredible rain speeds on the Foothill Parkway at Linn Cove Viaduct, and Linville Gorge

Our goal is to extend the riding season, but if you encounter climate on your ride where there’s a possibility of rain, snow or ice, it’s important to be smart while on the road. Although we have taken to the east, south or the pacific, it is important to remember that this is still the winter months, and heavy rain, snow, salt, potholes and black ice are still relevant dangers that show up at any time on roadways during the winter months. Be smart, plan-ahead, and use extra caution when riding in inclement weather, keeping greater following distance, and slower speeds to give yourself more reaction time when faced with a potential road hazard. Better yet, pull off, take a break it won’t rain forever!!

The Vista Route

SBC2C at the Calderwood Dam on HWY 129 Deals Gap TN/NC

During the heated summer months, we get use to the hot sticky roads, and tend to ride much faster especially on the flowing twisty roads. It’s just what we do. But in the wintry weather months, riding can be such a beautiful thing as we now have the opportunity to stop and smell the coffee, ride slower and see the beautiful scenery we typically zoom by on our fast n furious summer rides. The last thing we need is to be in a rush to our destination and find ourselves in an unfortunate situation. So, take your time, and take frequent breaks to warm up with hot coffee or tea drinking plenty of water. Sometimes it’s hard realize how cold you’re getting while riding. We get comfortable because we find that warm position, but are really getting much colder than we know. Stop often and check for signs of hypothermia. Lastly, it goes without saying, plan-ahead! If it looks as though the weather could get bad, avoid routes where there’s a possibility you could get lost or stuck.


So, if you are looking to extend your riding season this year, check us out on our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and WordPress to find out where we are headed, and how we continue to ride all year round, as well as for opportunities to receive or purchase riding gear that will help make your ride to your next destination a breeze. Whether escaping to the Southern Pacific, Eastern shores of Miami or Key West to avoid the snow or simply enjoying the beautiful fall colors of the Appalachians, or even the awesome summer months of the northern regions, Streetbikes Coast2Coast has the perfect route, gear, plans and ideas for you to make your journey exciting, fun and full of pleasure!

Also, we’d like to announce that we’re excited to be working with #VikingBags to try out their products! With the end of the riding season not being a thing for us, we will continue our journey across the US in search for more awesome places to ride, fantastic places to eat, as we share our experiences. And in the spirit of preparing for the upcoming riding season, or the continuance of the current. We will be working on a review to post once product testing is done. So, keep an eye out for these updates that we plan to share as well. In the meantime, you can check out the Viking Bags, and other gear at the likes below:…/mens-motorcycle-jackets

“Have Fun, Ride Fast, Ride Safe, and Ride with PASSION” and by all means, Ride with STREETBIKES COAST2COAST!!

TheRider Fred

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